Our nine-hole golf course offers a diverse range of holes that will test your skills and provide a memorable golfing experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Bay View Golf Course is the perfect destination for a round of golf.

Hole 1, Par 4, 203 yards
The first hole is a testing opening hole, complemented by a terraced green. A narrow fairway containing a tree-lined bank to the left and a steep-sided bank to the right makes an accurate drive crucial.

Hole 2, Par 4, 218 yards
This is very much a risk-reward hole. Recently constructed into a dogleg, with no sight of the green, tee off blind over trees or play safe and lay up into the fairway.

Hole 3, Par 4, 259 yards
An inviting, wide-open fairway, but with a tight line of trees up the right and a light bush to the left of the green, this hole is not to be taken lightly.

Hole 4, Par 3, 109 yards
A short hole protected by tight banks and a bunker set at the front of the green, made more difficult with the gallery watching.

Hole 5, Par 3, 147 yards
Danger all up the left-hand side, with out-of-bounds and a bunker just off the green. A wide entrance provides a great birdie try.

Hole 6, Par 3, 170 yards
One of the largest greens on the course, but with a narrowly cut fairway and a bank lined with gorse bushes to the right, makes this hole challenging.

Hole 7, Par 4, 328 yards
The longest hole on the course, with a green hugged by a line of thick trees and a deep bunker to the left. However, low banks around the green make it an inviting target.

Hole 8, Par 3, 120 yards
The length makes this one of the easier holes, a gentle pitch into a slightly sloped green. But beware, as steep banks and boundary woodland can catch you out.

Hole 9, Par 4, 250 yards
A good challenging finish, 250 yards back towards the clubhouse. Strategically placed bunkers in the centre of the fairway and one on either side of the green make life tricky, and out-of-bounds down the right encourage an accurately placed tee shot.