Stay & Play

At Bay View Golf Course, we are fortunate to have a neighbouring holiday park that caters to golfers, families, and groups of friends.

Located in a luxurious beachfront setting with stunning views of the South Downs, our holiday park, Pevensey Bay, offers two distinct experiences.

The first half of the park is home to the main leisure centre, where you can enjoy entertainment, a swimming pool, and a restaurant and bar. This lively area is perfect for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of amenities.

On the other hand, the second half of the park, known as The Bay, is situated adjacent to the golf course. This tranquil section provides a peaceful and serene break, with no on-site facilities other than direct access to the golf course. However, guests staying in The Bay have full facility passes, allowing them to take advantage of all the amenities available in the main leisure centre.

If you find that you’re not ready to leave and thoroughly enjoy the coastal lifestyle, we offer various options for holiday home ownership. Imagine having your own retreat, a true home away from home, where you can immerse yourself in the coastal beauty and enjoy the golf course at your leisure. Our holiday home ownership opportunities make this dream a reality for you and your family.